Maleny Lodge

Major Restoration // Maleny

The Bruin Builders team loved working on the restoration of existing rooms at Maleny Lodge as we were literally stripping back layers of over 110 years’ worth of fix ups and do ups to restore the building back to its original glory. Part of our process for this project was restoring as much of the existing decorative detail that we could, while recreating (to match) what was no longer safe or too aged.

We have rebuilt the original design and layout of the lodge to create a space that is usable and private for those that call it home, whilst having guests who can also enjoy their own privacy. The Maleny Lodge is now rich with detail and opulence, with the addition of a pool, bathroom suites, spacious bedrooms, high ceilings and many more refined details in keeping with its unique heritage. Bruin Builders are proud to have respectfully transformed this charming Queenslander.

Photo of wooden chair on wooden deck with green door

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