Photo of modern art deco home with timber panelling

Upsizing vs. downsizing your home

Deciding to upsize or downsize your home comes with a range of challenges but also benefits. And with the Federal Government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder grant currently available, you may be contemplating building

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Photo of timber home with blue roof

How to own your own Queenslander

The style of homes known as ‘Queenslanders’ are distinct and unique, and flooding, monsoonal rains, and the states’s hot northern summers have all influenced the design of this iconic architecture.

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Photo of elderly woman looking at card in front of laptop

How does the HomeBuilder grant assist retirees?

The Federal Government’s new HomeBuilder stimulus package was recently released to encourage the commencement of renovations and new home builds in order to assist the residential construction industry. The time-limited HomeBuilder grant of $25,000 can help

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Photo of one storey green home with grass and trees

Benefits Of Renovating

Thinking of renovating your home? Here’s what to consider. Home renovations in Australia have hit a 14-year high according to figures released this year by Master Builders Australia. But although renovating

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