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Choosing the Right Partners for Your Building Project

People often speak to us about the experiences they have had with previous building works. Their projects have included new builds from project style to complex custom designs, and small to large renovations and extensions.

Fortunately, in most cases all has gone reasonably well. If they found themselves unhappy with the finished product, it was often due to poor design or use of aspect, or unsatisfactory workmanship. If you have been in this position, you may have found that these issues can be a source of ongoing annoyance, to say the least.

Navigating Project Complexity

Still, something that we hear far too often is that although the owners have usually been happy with the end result, the journey in getting there has been memorable for all the wrong reasons.

As you may realise, a project can involve a large number of diverse people all working to produce your finished product, so it understandable that things can “go off the rails”.

The reason for this varies but at times has been due to conflict with an architect, designer or builder; often the result of poor communication or project management.

Key Considerations in Project Planning

There are a number of things that can be done to minimise the likelihood of issues, and a great deal has to do with the choices you make at the start.

The type of project you are visualising will determine who you should take on board to help you through the process. There are a vast number of issues to consider, such as what you want to achieve by undertaking the project and the impact it will have on lifestyle and family, your tastes, budget, planning restrictions, land size and aspect, size and complexity of the work, etc.

So, you can understand why choosing the right project partners is critical to having the journey and achieving the outcome you desire. There are so many things to consider that we can’t possibly cover them all in one session, but for now, lets start with the you…

Looking Ahead

You’ve been frustrated for ages with the way you have been living in your current space; too small, shared bathrooms/toilets, indoor/outdoor disconnection, poor access, safety concerns, no storage, “it’s just not working for us”, and the list goes on. Take a breath and spend some time having good look at your surroundings. Pour a wine, if you have a partner, pour them one too! Make it fun. If you have kids, ask for their input. What do you think are the critical areas that need to be dealt with? Make a “wish” list and prioritise the items. You may not know a lot about the technical or practical aspects of what you are wanting, but doing this exercise is a good place to start, and will lay a good foundation for what to do next.

Over the course of upcoming blogs, we will work through some of the details to help give direction and make better informed decisions for what will potentially be one of your biggest emotional and financial undertakings.

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