Park Towers, Qld

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  • parkTwrsLounge
  • parkTwrsKitchen
  • Park Towers Bedroom
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Project details

  • Project details: Another of our more interesting projects where we were confronted with limited site access and lift availability, as well as having to take into consideration other residents and holiday makers, residing in the building. There were strict limitations on work hours and noise levels. There were a number of issues due to being an older building with rust, water ingress, and considerable variation in floor levels. The owner was an interior designer who was most particular with even the smallest detail. A lot of the final design decisions were made as the project was underway. Symmetry was especially important to him, and this meant that a great deal of careful planning and execution was required to achieve the desired result. Fortunately, we developed an excellent relationship with the client, where our input was valued, and we were able to work through all the points with him, as they arose. There’s no better recommendation than having a client ask you to work on another of their projects. We a currently on our third with this owner.