New Home Builders Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Whether your block of land is flat, gently sloped or a little like the Swiss Alps, Bruin Builders can build a quality home that works with the site.

Unlike project builders we are very happy to work with an architect or designer to create something truly unique that not only matches the location but your lifestyle and personal taste. You can rest easy knowing your home won’t look like any others on your street.

Bruin Builders works on a fixed price contract which ensures our customers know the exact cost* of the entire build before works commence.

Bruin has delivered beautiful homes to many Queenslanders over the past 25 years. Call us now so we can help you build a house that gives you joy each time you come home.

*Excludes provisional costing on elements not under our control.


It’s important to us that our clients have a clear understanding of the way our process works, and how we can help them navigate what can be quite a baffling experience for the unfamiliar. We have found that through good communication, transparency and honesty, client’s don’t have their valuable time wasted, or feel confused.
  1. On initial contact, we will ask that plans, if any, be forwarded to us for familiarization. At this time we will also arrange a convenient time for you to meet with the owner of the business, Geoff Bruin, at your location.
  2. At this meeting, Geoff will have a closer look at the site and discuss a number of items with you; such as…
    • What your needs and expectation are, and what you are trying to achieve by undertaking the project. Geoff will also offer suggestions to maximize your ideas.
    • What regulatory requirements may impact what you are wanting to do.
    • If you need help in converting your dream or vision to paper.  We have a number of excellent Designers and Architects that we can connect you with.
    • What your budget expectations are and what Geoff believes you can achieve with that budget.
    • Look at your time frame expectations. People often have no idea of what’s involved in the process to reach the stage that soil can be turned.
    • See if we are a “good fit” for each other. Having a good relationship with you, and you with us, is very important in making the whole process run smoothly.
  3. When you have your 1st draft or concept drawings, Geoff will again meet with you to go over the details. We may then agree to prepare a Preliminary Estimate for your project. The purpose of this is to ensure that the cost of works will be within your budget, before you outlay more funds on preliminaries that may need to be redone, should savings be necessary or changes made.
  4. Geoff will deliver your Preliminary Estimate. At this time we will discuss how you sit with your budget, if it meets your expectation, or if any changes need to be made to reduce costs, or if you wish to consider increasing your budget. After these items are sorted, you can then go ahead and have your drawings, finishes and selections, and other required documents, completed and lodged to obtain Local Government Approval.
  5. Now we are ready to prepare and present to you a formal Proposal for the work. Geoff will again meet with you to go through the Proposal in detail and discuss any points or questions you may have.
  6. If you are comfortable with Bruin Builders being your project partner, we can at this stage, prepare a contract to engage us to convert your dream or vision from paper, to something that is incredibly exciting and tangible, not just for you, but for the entire Bruin Builders Team as well.
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