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If you’re on the lookout for a new home, you may be wondering whether to purchase an existing home or start from scratch with a custom home design. While buying a home is a little more straight forward, you’ll likely find yourself compromising on something along the way, whether it’s the size of the home, layout, small garage space or terrible flooring choices. With a custom build, you can create a home that’s specific to your needs, taste, personality and style – and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. We thought we’d take a look at some of the benefits of building a custom home, and common reasons why people choose a custom build over a predesigned home.

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The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

You can build a home exactly to your specifications

What are the advantages of building a custom home? You can create a space that’s uniquely yours! Why spend your time searching for a home that has the features you want when we can build a home that reflects your specifications? When we design a custom home, we give you the creative freedom to add everything you’ve ever wanted, from exposed beams, brick feature walls, acoustic walls for your home theatre and more. Not only does it allow you to try your hand at planning and designing the perfect home, but it’s essentially a blank slate for you and your family to create memories. Essentially, your home is yours and yours alone. A custom build offers flexibility a readymade home cannot, and allows you to create a home that exclusively suits your lifestyle

You have a layout that suits you

One of the biggest peeves for prospective homeowners is finding a home layout that suits their specifications. You’ll often hear homeowners say that they wish their room was a little bigger, or that a bathroom was closer to the bedroom. Rather than choosing an existing home and making major changes to the floor plan with costly renovations, consider designing a custom build home instead.

You can choose the right location

Ever stumbled upon the perfect house with the worst location? Or maybe you’ve heard the old adage about getting the worst house on the best street? Why not combine the two and pick a location that works for you? As land is arguably worth even more than a home these days, the ability to choose the right block is just as important as finding the right builder.

 You can choose the materials and finishes

In addition to choosing materials, you can also hone in on the finer details by picking the finishes for your home. This can range from selecting the types of hardware, such as marble benchtops and wooden flooring, right down to the exact types of door handles and faucets. Ultimately, a custom home gives you the option to create a space that truly reflects your individual taste and style.

If you have a general idea of the type of home design you like, but are unsure how to implement it or feel overwhelmed, you can work with a designer to help bring your ideas to life. Many building companies have in house designers or contractors they regularly work with, so it’s worth asking your builder for their recommendations.

You have more control of the budget

You may worry that a custom home build can end up being a significantly more expensive than a predesigned home, but in reality, you have a lot more control over the costs. A good custom home builder will make sure to keep the home constructed to the limits of your budget, and offer advice on cost effective alternatives to dream home fixtures, if the original goes out of budget. One of the best benefits of building a custom home is that you can choose exactly where your money goes, instead of paying for features in a pre-designed build that you don’t want or intend to use.

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