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Are you looking to start the next chapter of your life but are still weighing up whether you’d like to go down the path of purchasing an existing home or custom building a home that is unique to you and your lifestyle?

With so many options it can be hard to decide on the best course of action that makes sense to you. Sometimes the best option is to knock down and rebuild, creating a space that’s completely custom to you and your needs, without having to compromise on any aspect. Building a custom home has so many exciting advantages and will result in a home that is not only unique, but specifically designed for you and the block of land that you wish to build on. Let’s explore some more benefits of a custom-built home.

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The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

You’re in control

What are the advantages of building a custom home? You can create a space that’s uniquely yours!

When building a custom home, you can choose everything you could possibly want and need to be included in the build. You can select all the fittings and fixtures you want in the home, including quality appliances, floor coverings and custom storage spaces. With custom-built homes, you receive exactly what you want, from the design, layout, to everything following your style and taste. Every aspect of your new home is your choice and can be a personification of you! With a custom design and build, we can work with your architect to create your dream home.

A customised floor plan

Quite often people buy homes that don’t tick all the boxes with the intention to renovate in the future. Unfortunately, these renovations are often neglected and don’t happen very quickly, if at all, and you’re left to simply ‘put up with’ a design and layout that doesn’t work for you. Not an ideal situation after spending a significant amount of money.

Instead of struggling with a pre-existing floor plan, a custom-built home gives you the power to maximise every inch of usable space and customise every aspect of your floor plan. Whether you love entertaining or have a growing family, a custom-built home gives you the flexibility to design a home that works for you. One guarantee when building a custom home is that it’ll suit your personal lifestyle and needs.

You can choose the right location

Ever stumbled upon the perfect house in the worst location? Or maybe you’ve heard the old adage about getting the worst house on the best street? Why not combine the two and pick a location that works for you? As land is arguably worth even more than a home these days, the ability to choose the right block is just as important as finding the right builder.

Build to suit your block

Another luxury of a custom-built home is that it is designed to suit the location, aspect and surrounding environment of your block, so that form and function work in harmony. Particularly if you have a narrow or sloping block, build customisation can make a significant difference to squeeze more liveable space into your block. As Brisbane builders with extensive experience building and renovating on obscure blocks, we’ve seen that resale value is heavily influenced by how well a block is maximised. The custom-built homes that are designed and built to maximise a block and done WELL have fantastic financial potential when it comes to the resale value. This is often because previous owners or other prospective buyers couldn’t see much potential in the block previously.

Go green

In today’s climate, when we are all moving to a more sustainable mentality and lifestyle, custom builds give you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and install energy-efficient options. In the long run, the utilisation of solar-energy and better-quality insulation in addition to fully using passive cooling and heating is financially viable as these options reduce energy bills. You can also install water and energy-saving finishes and appliances throughout your custom home to increase these savings if you plan on living in this home for any extended period. Making these additions to an existing home can be a very costly exercise.

If you have a general idea of the type of home design you like but are unsure how to implement it or feel overwhelmed, you can work with a designer to help bring your ideas to life. Many building companies have in house designers or contractors they regularly work with, so it’s worth asking your builder for their recommendations.

Quality comes first

Often corners are cut, and quality comes second to affordability when people approach a custom build. This nearly always leads to financial jump scares later in the project, which is why Bruin Builders guarantees the quality of the project by only working with the best tradesmen in the industry. Quality is one key point of difference for Bruin Builders. We are Brisbane builders who will be with you every step of the way showing progress pictures and videos, ensuring a total transparent build process. We take extreme pride in aiding clients when building a custom home and you can rest assured that only the best brands, products, and materials are being used, giving you peace of mind that you are investing your money wisely and will end up with a quality finish.

Budget control and lower costs

People often think building a custom home is much more expensive than buying an existing home. This isn’t the case. When creating a custom-built home, you decide how it is constructed within the limits of your budget. You have the final say to control the price point of everything that goes into your new home, from construction materials to special features. Your home builder will take into account your budget during each stage of the construction process and work around your guidelines. Bruin Builders is known for staying on budget for custom builds. So, if you are looking to build a bespoke home in Brisbane or Gold Coast that will suit your lifestyle perfectly, get in touch with the team at Bruin Builders today on (07) 3050 5652 or contact us online.

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