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As the world begins to get moving again after being shut down by the pandemic, the construction industry is booming. More and more people are wanting to start building the dream home they’ve always envisioned. 

However, with so many people wanting to get started right away, and with escalating supply chain delays leading to delays in projects, it’s crucial to understand what steps you can take to avoid these and make the construction project as smooth as possible.

There are many moving and ever-changing components that can cause supply chain issues within the building and construction industry, with strikes, skilled worker shortages, pandemics and a variety of others. 

Of course, when you team up with Bruin Builders, all parties involved will work closely together to communicate about expected delays. Our builders will ensure that frequent communication with you about the construction schedule is the expectation throughout your project.

Understanding the current environment in the building and construction industry

This building industry boom is seeing repercussions throughout international supply chains. Australia has seen a significant increase in the demand for building dream homes and with supply chain issues at every corner, understanding what they are and how they could impact the date of practical completion for your project is an important step.

Simultaneously trying to source quality building materials and encountering a short supply of skilled workers, land availability and a range of other issues has created a perfect storm of building delays. These factors are impacting the cost and project completion time for new houses all around the world, not just in Australia.

Building assistance from the government

However, not all hope is lost. While it’s still worthwhile acknowledging that there will most likely be slight delays due to the factors mentioned above, the government is working closely with the building industry to ensure that the building process remains as smooth as possible so that your home dreams can still come true.

Ways to avoid delay in your construction project

The world following the COVID-19 pandemic does have a significant impact on the supply chain for most industries starting up operations again. Everyone is starting their new projects simultaneously and this has led to supply chain delays, with building material shortages and labour shortages rife across the world. Fortunately, there are several options that will assist in managing and mitigating the building time required for new home construction projects.

Ordering building materials early

Potentially the best piece of advice we could give is to make sure that all designs, materials and selections are set in stone early on. It’s crucial that you understand this, as once we start building on site, even the most minimal of changes can delay the build by several weeks. As an example, you might change your mind about tiles or your paint selection. This may seem like a small change — but it could add an extra week or two to the build time.

With the supply chain delays and other shortages impacting the progress of new home builds, ensuring that your building materials are ordered early can help reduce the time it’ll take to build your home. 

Our efficient and effective project managers will work closely with you to ensure that all construction materials are bought on schedule to keep the progress of your project on track as much as possible. They will also ensure that every decision to be made is agreed upon early into the process to avoid delays. 

It’s incredibly important to have confirmed your selections before entering the build phase as we are finding this is causing the most delays at the moment and want to make sure you’re moving in as soon as possible.

Doing your research into your dream home

Building a new home comes with so many different factors to consider. Not only do you need to decide what the aesthetic will be, but every single detail needs to be intentionally designed alongside that, including fixtures, the exterior, functionality, building materials and a wide range of other components. While we will happily help you at every step along the way with your home build, it’s also helpful if you come along with an idea of what you’d like to incorporate into the new house.

Doing something as simple as going on Pinterest and deciding what your new home will look like will help you so much when you come in to have that initial chat with one of our expert home builders. They will be able to look at your selected images and talk with you about their recommendations. 

With the high demand surrounding new homes, it makes sense to be as prepared as possible. This way, you can complete it in as short a time frame as possible.

Choosing substitute materials

It’s important to keep in mind that due to the supply chain delays, thinking about and selecting alternative building materials is a smart idea. Our builders will take all the necessary steps to ensure that if a certain material isn’t available due to a shortage, there will be a backup material that’ll work just as well in your new home.

The great thing to remember is that our team is composed of experts who’ve had years of experience in the construction industry and will work with every contractor, designer and other professional involved in the home building process. At every step, we make sure the timing is kept in line to meet your expectations.

Ensuring smooth and efficient communication

Throughout any project, it’s vital that effective and constant communication is in place. This allows builders to keep their clients updated and for their clients to feel reassured that they are receiving frequent updates and are aware of any potential issues that arise. 

By prioritising communication with our clients, we are minimising the risk of miscommunication and setbacks. To avoid construction delays, it’s vital to set up channels of effective communication.

Our builders know just how important it is for you to feel as involved as possible during the building process and are dedicated to ensuring that you feel comfortable at every point in the journey.

Setting realistic expectations

Keeping in mind the current state of the international supply chains, it’s highly recommended that you set realistic expectations before beginning a new building project. With the chaos that has been happening all around the world, it’s important to note that the timeline of your dream home may suffer as a result, much like many other industries are experiencing at the moment.

We are still committed to seeing you move into your dream home as quickly as possible, though. That’s why we will sit down with you at the start of your new build and discuss a realistic timeline, outlining and detailing all the factors that may be involved in building your new home.

Seeing your dream home come to life

Workplace restrictions, border closures, natural disasters, global material and labour shortages have seen many industries significantly impacted. While the building industry is not exempt from these supply chain delays and issues, at Bruin Builders, we are committed to being as transparent as possible throughout the process to ensure your dream home comes to life as quickly as possible.

Not only will you get a high quality build and expert builders, contractors and designers, but you can have the valuable peace of mind that we will work closely with you to minimise and mitigate construction delays. You won’t have to worry about being kept in the dark throughout the build or having a project delivered significantly later than what was originally expected — we will keep you updated every step of the way. 

We are committed to maintaining constant and efficient communication because we care about all of our clients and are dedicated to working alongside you to see your dream home come to life.

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