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Thinking of renovating your home? Here’s what to consider.

Home renovations in Australia have hit a 14-year high according to figures released this year by Master Builders Australia. But although renovating can offer some amazing benefits it’s a sizeable financial commitment, so what should you consider before going ahead?

Why renovate?

Many Australians relish the opportunity to improve or extend their homes and the freedom to renovate is one of the great benefits of owning property. Renovation is now the go-to solution for many homeowners who have found themselves needing different things out of their homes as their family’s lives have changed.
Renovating a home can increase the property’s eco-footprint and in fact ‘green’ modifications can lead to long-term savings on water and electricity. Most state governments also offer discounts for homeowners who make environmentally friendly modifications.
And then of course there are the financial gains that can come with a home renovation, including increasing the value and sale price of your property, and enhancing the returns on an investment property if you decide to sell and rent out your home in the future.

What should you consider?

Before undertaking a home renovation in Brisbane, it’s worth doing your research and putting a plan in place in terms of what you want and how you’ll go about it. Of course, our expert team are here to help if you need some advice, vision or inspiration!
You should also consider how your family lives now and how you see life in your current home in the future. Renovating, particularly by adding home extensions, can maximise the space in your home for a growing family, ie. if you need an additional bathroom or when the kids get to the age when they’re demanding their own rooms!
It can also have wonderful lifestyle benefits. These include enjoying outdoor entertaining with a new deck and an outdoor pool or changing-up the kitchen/dining areas to an open plan design to create light, space and a communal area for family interaction.
If you choose robust materials they can also prolong the life of your home. For example, hardwood timber finishes can withstand constant wear and tear, and durable tiles and stone benchtops resist scratches, cracks and stains.
You should also allow for future trends so that your home is versatile enough to adapt to different styles over time. Neutral colour palettes work well with a variety of finishes and a completely new look can be achieved by simply adding new furniture or homewares.

Renovate or re-build?

If you’re debating whether you should sell and buy a new home instead it’s worth considering the cost it takes to move. This can include removalist and cleaning costs, agent’s commission and stamp duty and legal fees. The money you save could instead go straight towards improving your current home!
Of course, there is always the option of re-building as well, particularly if you’re considering a major renovation. It can be faster, less risky and cost less per square metre than renovating. This is particularly the case if a renovation project unearths unexpected challenges like if walls need to be removed or floorboards pulled up.
However, you’ll also need to factor in logistical factors costs like building plans, development and planning approvals, engineers’ reports and demolition costs – things that quality builders are experts at handling. Which is where we come in!

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